Our services

Warranty and post-warranty service

We offer a wide range of services for machines and equipment not only from the 4Value Group. Our colleagues are able to use modern technology to diagnose the problem remotely and thus better design the scope of service intervention.


Service of third-party equipment

We offer service without exception. We provide extensive servicing services for third-party tools, machinery and equipment. We will plug in and revive foreign made equipment if the original supplier does not offer it.

global service

We service all tools, machines and equipment throughout the Czech Republic, Europe and the world.

servicing of third party machines

It doesn't matter if the equipment is manufactured by us or made in Asia, America or Europe.

assistance with moving and commissioning

Do you need help moving a plant or commissioning third-party equipment or machinery? We're here for you.

change management

We are able to react quickly and identify a process to correctly deploy the required changes to facilities and systems.

reverse engineering

We offer reverse engineering services in case of outdated or missing documentation.

refurbishment of tools, machinery and equipment

Do you have obsolete equipment or does your supplier no longer supply equipment? Contact us.

Service contracts and maintenance plans



Contract manufacturing

As specialists in the development and design of automation machines and equipment, we have more than 20 years of experience and the necessary capacity to manufacture such equipment.

Identification of spare parts

Spare parts problems can slow down any production process, which is why we offer our spare parts identification services and spare parts recovery plans.

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